建築新紀元 - 加州當代建築師作品展
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  • 建築新紀元 - 加州當代建築師作品展
    商品編號: 35694購物方式:一般
    售  價:新台幣 800 元交貨日期:2-3天出貨
    付款方式:ATM 轉帳、線上刷卡、刷卡無息分期、刷卡有息分期、貨到付款、全家代收貨款、7-11代收貨款、超商取貨付款
    商品原廠外盒尺寸:長 26 公分 x 寬 21.2 公分 x 高 2.5 公分
    商品暨原廠外盒總重量: 1.326 公斤(出貨時視需求可能另裝較大外箱)

  • 3期0利率:266元/期
    目前提供:花旗銀行, 台新銀行, 新光銀行, 富邦銀行, 國泰世華銀行, 遠東銀行等銀行。詳見『相關說明』。

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建築新紀元 - 加州當代建築師作品展

■ 「台北當代藝術館」商品館 所有商品  特別宣告

建築怪傑法蘭克蓋瑞 + 洛杉磯五大知名建築師事務所聯展!

■ 商品說明

展覽名稱 | 建築新紀元-加州當代建築師作品展

Exhibition | Architecture for the New Millennium

展覽時間 Date | 2002/06/08 - 09/29

展覽地點 Venue | 台北當代藝術館, MOCA Taiepi

策展人 Curator | 里昂‧懷特森 Leon WHITESON

參展藝術家 Artists | 法蘭克‧蓋瑞、佛瑞德瑞克‧費雪、康尼‧伊森伯格、莫非瑟思、艾瑞克‧歐文‧摩思 (Frank O.GEHRY, Frederick FISHER,KONING EIZENBERG , Morphosis, Eric Owen MOSS)



展覽簡介 Exhibition Introduction


Greater Los Angles Challenges the very definition of a city, with its constant and innovative responses to the ever-mutating forces of contemporary life. Its “lived-in” qualities, its dispersal across a huge area , and its seeming preparedness to tear down and trash what elsewhere would be regarded as recent construction in a constant impetus to address the challenge of current needs and possibilities represent a scaled-up version of what many cities are facing in the 21st century. Forced with the challenges of the 21st century, Taiwan has sought to present itself as an island of technology and culture. But the question remains how are we to establish a definite character for our cities given the chaos of urban areas and the historical impact of different cultures? In this context the cultural development of Los Angeles can perhaps serve as a model for Taiwan, allowing us to develop a future Taiwanese architectural /style by actively challenging our view of the place in which we live.






■ 商品規格

  • 出版單位:田園城市文化事業、台北當代藝術館
  • 作者姓名:里昂.懷特森、金光裕、徐純一、郭英釗、張基義、黃聲遠
  • 出版日期:2002/05
  • 內容語言:中文、英文
  • ISBN:9570406623
  • 出版規格:平裝 / 26.00 X 21.20 cm,1326 g / 普級 / 全彩 / 最後頁碼:282

■ 商品配備

建築新紀元 - 加州當代建築師作品展 X 1

■ 關於「台北當代藝術館」


台北當代藝術館是台灣第一座以當代藝術為導向的藝術專門機構,本館館舍原為日據時代的建成小學校, 1945 ~ 1993 年間轉為台北市政府辦公廳舍。市府於 1994 年遷往信義計畫區新廈後,基於古蹟再利用之政策,於 2001 年 5 月將市府舊廳舍轉化為「台北當代藝術館」及建成國中之用,不僅是台灣第一座由古蹟轉型為美術館的成功案例,也是全台唯一與校園共構的藝文展館。



Opened in May 2001, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Taipei) is the first museum in Taiwan devoted entirely to contemporary art practice. Our mission is to provide access to contemporary art from Taiwan and around the world to an increasingly globally-oriented, technologically-savvy audience.

The building which houses the museum is a designated Municipal Historical Relic. Built in the late 1920s, this Japanese colonial-style red brick structure served as an elementary school for two decades before a fifty-year stint as the site of the Taipei City Hall.

MOCA Taipei exemplifies a coming together of contemporary art, historical architecture, and high technology – resulting from the joint efforts of the Taipei City Government, the local community, artists, and corporate supporters.

As the world moves toward globalization, digitalization and technologically advancement – Contemporary Art provides an arena for artistic exchange and for the expression of cultural identity. From its inception, the museum has always recognized as main task to transcend the boundary that exist between art and the community at-large, constantly looking for new ways where art and the community interact, and striving to bring art beyond the confines of the museum walls and into the everyday lives of the community. MOCA Taipei will continue to move in this direction in the future. By stimulating inter-disciplinary creativity through multifarious and diverse artistic exhibition and performances, we hope to bring art into our community, and ultimately, to catalyze a spirit of innovation in the city of Taipei.


地址|台北市 103 長安西路 39 號


週二至週日,每日上午 10:00 開館,下午 6:00 閉館,下午 5:30 停止售票

■ 加購商品

99 元   
99 元   
三角量測鉛筆 - 棕
99 元   
三角量測鉛筆 - 黑
99 元   
三角量測鉛筆 - 藍
99 元   
三角量測鉛筆 - 紅
249 元   
BANDAI  無限易開罐 - 粉色蘇打
249 元   
BANDAI  無限易開罐 - 藍色蘇打